Monday, 25 April 2016

A Quick Update: Revision

Stop wasting you're time then Bart and do you're revision.
Hi. Just a quick update for anyone out there who is actually interested in this blog.
I am doing my GCSEs in three weeks (bloody hell) and I am going to have to revise loads to get As and A*s or maybe at least Bs to be honest. The thing is, revision is SO bloody boring!

I am making notes on photosynthesis one minute, then the next I am watching videos about how to blow up a balloon on YouTube. I don't quite know how this happens but I think it has something to do with me getting very BORED. I have tried pretty much everything to revise. The other day I tried to revise IN THE BATH which only ended up with my notes getting a bit SOGGY. I have also tried to revise with a friend but this only ended up with me rolling on the floor in fits of laughter.

Believe it or not I have even asked my friends to text me every now and then with messages which say REVISE!!!! (with lots of exclamation marks, of course). I am the most CHILLED OUT in my friendship group. The other day, whilst my friends were all revising in registration, I was playing Mario Kart on the Nintendo DS (yes, I am the most immature as well).

I think I might have a problem or something: Chronic Can't revise Syndrome. Or maybe I am just too laid back about this whole thing but then again it is just GCSEs! It's not THAT important! (Don't worry, I will knuckle down really).

Blog again soon, also this blog post definitely isn't a form of procrastination.


  1. I'm going through the same, GCSE'S soon and yet I cant buckle down and start revising! Its annoying as heck!
    Great post though EJ!

    1. Thanks!!!!!! Good luck as well!!!

  2. Good luck on the test! And maybe use Quizlet for reviewing? Also do jeopardy games with your friends. Also Kahoot is very interesting.


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