Friday, 15 January 2016

Mock Exams

It's the Friday before the mock exams and I am actually pretty relaxed about it all. Perhaps I'm too relaxed. To be honest, mocks don't really matter that much. All I need to do is try my best. There's no need to get all stressed about it. That's for sure. 

I have just got on the school bus after walking out of school with my friends. One of my friends is quite worried about the mocks. Me being nice as usual, assured them that they shouldn't get all worked up about it because it's going to be fine. One of my friends has done a load of revision. Their folder is packed full with practice exams and revision cards. I, on the otherhand, only have a few notes in a tattered notebook. Another of my friends, I don't think has done any revision at all. Which, quite frankly, is a bit worrying but they are one of those people who don't revise but still do really well in exams. And that does sort of annoy me because I have to work hard at something if I want to do well (however sometimes I just manage to ace an exam with no revision). 

This weekend I might do revision but at the same time still have a relaxing weekend. The worst that can happen is that I walk into an exam late, sit in the wrong seat and then realise that I forgot my calculator in a MATHS exam. This did actually happen to me. But I did get a calculator but unfortunately it was a very basic one with the batteries falling out the back. I couldn't do Triginometry, area or most things calculator related for that matter. Lets just say I failed the exam. Next time I will not be late, have the right equipment and I will most of all try my best to do well!!! 

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