Monday, 30 May 2016

An Interesting Rollerskating Experience...

The other day I went rollerskating with a friend. It wasn't the best experience I've ever had, I have to admit. 

Before my friend and I ventured off to the local park, my friend had asked me whether I could skate or not. Me being me said I can thinking roller skating would be EASY. I have roller skated with friends once before and that went all right aside from the bit when I tripped over a little kid. 

We got to the park and my friend gave me rather big, inline skates. I tried to put my skates on looking like a pro, but I think I failed to do so when I hopped around all over the place and held onto a tree for fear that I would end up flat on my bum. With the skates on, my friend and I headed to the concrete path in the park. My friend went ahead like a true pro on the skates. I, however, struggled to even walk to the path in them let alone actually skate in them. 'Come on!' my friend said to me. I said 'Ok! I'm just getting used to these skates! I'm not used to inline skates!'. I then realized that I couldn't skate as I put one foot on the path and nearly went flying forward. There was no getting out of it now though. I tried my best to skate but I only went falling over on my bum. I retreated back to the safety of the grass as my friend started to skate on. I held on to a bench for dear life. My friend turned round, looked at me and came over to the bench. 'What are you doing?' she asked. Me, making things a whole lot worse for myself said 'I'm just warming up'. 'By holding onto a bench?' she asked in reply. 'Yeah, I like to hold on to something whilst I warm up' I said almost convincingly. 'Ok that's enough warming up now' She said and I did a nervous laugh and said 'Ok' as I let go of the bench. 

My friend went skating ahead on the path and I went onto the path but fell forward as I couldn't work out how on earth to actually skate properly. I tried again. And again. But I fell over onto my knees. My friend was way ahead now, skating round the path without me. 'Oh great' I thought. I then walked on the grass again and sat down. I then tried to skate back to the entrance of the park but I fell over about 10 times, each time landing in the soil and dirt. I also then realized that I had fallen into some poo on the grass and that it was all over my hand and my nice new jeans. My nice new jeans! 'Great!' I thought. 'Just great!' I then saw that there was a little kid just stood next to me, giggling and pointing at me, ridiculing me as I fell over again as I tried to get to the entrance of the park. I was on my knees now, crawling across the muddy grass as the kid laughed at the sight of a teenager who couldn't skate crawling on their knees, covered in mud. I felt a bit humiliated, I have to admit, and I don't like being humiliated. My friend then skated over to me and asked what the hell I was doing. I then said said that I was trying to skate. 

She then said to me 'You can't skate! Why did you say you could when I asked you earlier? You've just wasted my time'. I then replied, as I tried to wipe the poo off my hand with a leaf, 'because I thought I could skate. I thought it would be easy. I'm sorry! It's quite funny isn't it really? Did you see me falling over? That kid over there found it hilarious. It was quite hilarious.' My friend wasn't laughing though. She just looked embarrassed to be with me. I carried on talking. 'It's just these inline skates' I said 'I prefer the 4 wheel ones'. I don't quite know why I said this, probably because I wanted to prove that I wasn't actually a complete fail at skating. My friend then gave me her 4 wheel skates. I put them on and had a go at skating with them. I tried but nearly fell over again. At this point I was just laughing at myself. I then realized I was slowly going backwards down the concrete slope, as cars were trying to come up the slope. 'Oh %$*!' I thought and dived to the safety of the grass. My friend looked at me with a smile, this time trying not to laugh. 'You really are a numpty' she said. 'A numpty who can't skate!' I replied. 'You are really rubbish at skating' she said. 'Ok! ok! I know that now!' feeling a bit degraded but nevertheless still laughing at the whole thing. 

I now realize that I'm certainly no pro at rollerskating and I don't think my friend will want to go rollerskating with me again. 

Blog again soon! ;)

Monday, 25 April 2016

A Quick Update: Revision

Stop wasting you're time then Bart and do you're revision.
Hi. Just a quick update for anyone out there who is actually interested in this blog.
I am doing my GCSEs in three weeks (bloody hell) and I am going to have to revise loads to get As and A*s or maybe at least Bs to be honest. The thing is, revision is SO bloody boring!

I am making notes on photosynthesis one minute, then the next I am watching videos about how to blow up a balloon on YouTube. I don't quite know how this happens but I think it has something to do with me getting very BORED. I have tried pretty much everything to revise. The other day I tried to revise IN THE BATH which only ended up with my notes getting a bit SOGGY. I have also tried to revise with a friend but this only ended up with me rolling on the floor in fits of laughter.

Believe it or not I have even asked my friends to text me every now and then with messages which say REVISE!!!! (with lots of exclamation marks, of course). I am the most CHILLED OUT in my friendship group. The other day, whilst my friends were all revising in registration, I was playing Mario Kart on the Nintendo DS (yes, I am the most immature as well).

I think I might have a problem or something: Chronic Can't revise Syndrome. Or maybe I am just too laid back about this whole thing but then again it is just GCSEs! It's not THAT important! (Don't worry, I will knuckle down really).

Blog again soon, also this blog post definitely isn't a form of procrastination.

Friday, 1 April 2016

The Attack of the Seagulls- Why you should never eat a subway meal in a park

Angry Seagull, courtesy of Pixabay

It was a nice, sunny midday and me and my brother had decided to go and walk to subway, get a six inch sub meal and then eat it in the local park for lunch.

It was all going very well indeed. We had got our subway meals without any fuss whatsoever (one time we didn't have the right amount of money and the staff behind the counter was absolutely furious with us) and we had walked out of subway very happy. We found a nice bench in the local park and began to eat our subways which were very tasty indeed (mmm BBQ sauce) as we sat, talked and peacefully watched people walk through the park. 

Then, out of nowhere it seemed, a little, rather cute looking seagull waddled along the grass to stand next to the bench me and my brother just so happened to be sat on enjoying our lunch. My brother noticed the seagull and said 'ah look at him' as the seagull did little walks back and forth. I knew this seagull was only here to get his beak on some of our food so I ignored him. Then, just as I had finished my subway sandwhich and was about to start on the cookie, whilst sipping my drink, a few more seagulls came into view and started hovering menacingly over the bench. My brother hadn't even finished his sandwhich yet (he's a slow eater) and he was just trying to enjoy it whilst a few more seagulls hovered, eyeing up his sandwich like the target of the year. 

Next thing I know, the bench and the area around it had become a war zone. About 10 or more seagulls had surrounded us and every single one of them were chirping madly and still eyed my brother's sandwhich. They flew madly over our heads in a gang, whilst the first little seagull, who I presumed initiated 'operation get the sandwhich' stayed next to the bench, giving us the evils as his hench men tried to nick our lunch. I then found myself shouting to my brother 'quickly eat your sandwhich' over the raging noise of the seagulls. He then shouted 'I'm trying!'. Just then, a seagull had swooped down, just missing my brother's sandwhich. I then shouted with dramatic effect 'RUN!!!!'. We started running as the seagulls crowded in on the bench or flew after us, only to realise that we had left the cookies on the bench  which were inches away from the seagulls' beaks. I then shouted 'GET THE COOKIES!' as my brother, who was nearer the bench tried to quickly save them from the gang of seagulls. He managed to quickly get them and we continued to run up the path shouting our heads off. 

Whilst running, I looked up and saw the seagulls flying after me and my brother. They were violently angry and by the sounds and looks of it, extremely hungry. I then looked behind me, only to see my brother, who was still holding onto his subway sandwhich for dear life, the cookies in his other hand. My brother was surrounded by seagulls now, and they flew inches away from his head. My brother shouted in shock, as he tried to outrun the seagulls. Quite frankly, my brother looked like he would **** himself. I decided to keep running for my life up the tarmac path, leaving my brother behind to almost tackle the seagulls. I shouted back at him 'come on! Quick!' as I realised some of the seagulls were giving up. My brother and I were making quite an exhibition but I kept on running, shouting and at this point laughing hysterically. 

Me and my brother retreated to a grassy area at the side of the park where we realised that we had escaped the wild torments of most of the violent seagulls. A few were still left, hovering behind us in a last chance to take our cookies as my brother had finally finished his sandwhich in the rush to safety, his hands covered in BBQ sauce which had gone everywhere. We then realised that the seagulls could still fly after us and we didn't want to risk going back to the bench, so we continued to walk briskly home, looking back as we did in fear that the seagulls had flown up to us again. 

It was a very hilarious moment and perhaps a very horrifyingly dramatic one too! Never again will me and my brother eat our subway meal on the bench of the local park although my brother did later admit that he had fed the small seagull a bit of his sandwhich (he will never do a stupid thing like that again). Anyway, I must say it was a very exhilarating and funny experience I will probably never forget. 

Writing again soon,

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Total cock ups and fallings out.

Just got on the bus after a long day at school. I managed to annoy my friend somehow although I don't really know how. My friendship group at school is always packed with excitement which I enjoy to a great degree and there's always plenty of drama going on. However, it's not very exciting when your involved in all of the drama. 

I have cocked up quite a few times this year like any human... We all make mistakes. Thing is, I manage to get myself into a load of silly, stupid situations. The other day I cocked up by sending a rather over the top sarcastic, almost mocking text to a friend... Thing is, it wasn't meant to send. I accidently pressed send with my thumb as my other friend passed the phone back to me. Total cock up. 

Next thing I know my friend is ignoring me and I had to explain to them that I was really sorry and that it 'was just a joke and I didn't even mean to send it'. They didn't except the apology. And I understand because it was a bit idiotic... But then it was just a joke!

Me and my friend are on recovering terms now... We're not enemies but let's face it... We're not exactly ever going to be best buddies. 

And then there's this other friend I've managed to annoy. I want to be friends with her. I really do. But why on earth doesn't she want to be friends with me at the moment?! Yes, I may have annoyed her by doing something but why can't she just move on? Why can't everyone just get on?!?! 

No matter what group of friends I'm in, there are always arguments and fallings out. It's just the way it is. But does it really have to be like this?! I'm sure everything will get sorted out. If you have had a falling out with a friend as well then I'm sure it will be ok. Just don't let it get to you. Chances are you will be friends again in a few days.

Blogging again soon,
EJ ;)

Friday, 26 February 2016

The Zodiac Signs

Hi. It's me again... it's been a while since I wrote a post. My mocks went well. I remembered my calculator in the maths exam this time... ;) 

Recently I have been quite fascinated by the 12 signs of the zodiac. I was reading up on my sign's characteristics and there are a few which sound like me but a few that are no where near the truth. I don't really believe that a zodiac sign determines who you are or anything, I merely find them a bit of fun.

I am a Capricorn. This means I should be responsible, patient, ambitious, resourceful and loyal. I would only say I was two of those things. Being a Capricorn also means I should have the negative traits of being dictatorial, inhibited, conceited, distrusting and unimaginative. And again, those descriptions aren't all accurate traits of my character, well... I like to think so anyway.

What I really find funny is how some zodiac signs are seriously hated. If you were to look up your sign on Urban Dictionary (I wouldn't recommend this), then you might see some negative descriptions of your zodiac sign. For example, Capricorns are called arrogant, selfish people who only talk utter rubbish... (and that's putting it nicely). Obviously not all Capricorns are like this... I like to think this is the case for myself but then some people may disagree!

What I find even funnier is all the photos describing the zodiac signs in different situations or when they are summarized. For example:

Hilarious aren't they?! I can't help but think of the zodiac signs as individual people with very distinct characters. Just the thought of the zodiac signs (which I imagine as people), being in one room together cracks me up because they are all very different with very different personalities, e.g. You have the stereotyped boring, stubborn, money grabbing Taurus and the stereotyped creepy, intense, sex maniac Scorpio and then the stereotyped free, slightly idiotic, egocentric Sagittarius and then of course we have the stereotyped arrogant, serious, social climbing Capricorn. I could go on saying more... Although I am not really the 'stereotypical' Capricorn... It is still very funny to see the distinct characteristics of each sign in different situations etc as seen above. 

To end this post, I will leave you with the three descriptions I think best describe each zodiac sign (They may not necessarily be true so don't get offended):

Aries: hot-headed/ Energetic/ Dedicated
Taurus: Stubborn/ Protective/ Patient
Gemini: Changeable/ Talkative/ Affectionate 
Cancer: Loyal/ Emotional/ Kind
Leo: Confident/ Melodramatic/ Domineering
Virgo: Obsessive/ Smart/ Analytical
Libra: Polite/ Dependent/ Indecisive
Scorpio: Enigmatic/ Freaky/ Powerful
Sagittarius: Fun/ Optimistic/ Selfish
Capricorn: Controlling/ Hard-working/ Arrogant
Aquarius: Weird/ Friendly/ Aloof
Pisces: Mystical/ Unpredictable/ Oversensitive

What do you think of the zodiac signs? I would love to hear your comments.

Friday, 15 January 2016

Mock Exams

It's the Friday before the mock exams and I am actually pretty relaxed about it all. Perhaps I'm too relaxed. To be honest, mocks don't really matter that much. All I need to do is try my best. There's no need to get all stressed about it. That's for sure. 

I have just got on the school bus after walking out of school with my friends. One of my friends is quite worried about the mocks. Me being nice as usual, assured them that they shouldn't get all worked up about it because it's going to be fine. One of my friends has done a load of revision. Their folder is packed full with practice exams and revision cards. I, on the otherhand, only have a few notes in a tattered notebook. Another of my friends, I don't think has done any revision at all. Which, quite frankly, is a bit worrying but they are one of those people who don't revise but still do really well in exams. And that does sort of annoy me because I have to work hard at something if I want to do well (however sometimes I just manage to ace an exam with no revision). 

This weekend I might do revision but at the same time still have a relaxing weekend. The worst that can happen is that I walk into an exam late, sit in the wrong seat and then realise that I forgot my calculator in a MATHS exam. This did actually happen to me. But I did get a calculator but unfortunately it was a very basic one with the batteries falling out the back. I couldn't do Triginometry, area or most things calculator related for that matter. Lets just say I failed the exam. Next time I will not be late, have the right equipment and I will most of all try my best to do well!!! 

Blog again soon,

Friday, 1 January 2016

New year

Here's to the new year. 2016. 2016?! 2015 flew past in a glimpse before my eyes. The book of 2015 has finished. And, well, although in some ways it could have been better, a lot of great things have happened. 

If the year 2015 were a book that I read, I would think of it as an exciting story with it's ups and downs, key moments and changes. By the end of the 365 pages, I would feel happy because I think that throughout the year, things have only got better and better. Good changes have happened. I have made new friends, I have developed my personality and I think I have become a better person. I have also worked hard to achieve what I want to achieve in the future. I only hope that in 2016, things continue to get better and better.

My resolutions for this year are to keep developing my personality and to find out who I really am. I also plan to continue to work hard and perhaps live life more to the full. Perhaps I am too lazy sometimes, or too unorganized. This could also be changed. Am I being a bit ambitious here? Maybe. Usually, I don't stick to my resolutions but this year I really will try my best. It may not work out like I want but at least I would have tried. Because trying your best is the only thing you can do right?

And my advice to you is to try your best. If you have resolutions you want to achieve then try and stick to them. If they really aren't working out for you then you could make more realistic resolutions and try again with them. Make 2016 a good one. Make it a 365 page story that you feel happy about when you look back on it.

Happy new year everyone. Have a good one.
Blogging again,