Saturday, 21 November 2015

I'm a published author?!?!

You've probably heard or perhaps even entered one of these small competitions where you have the chance to have your short story or poem in a book with many other winner's poems or stories etc.

Over the summer I entered a competition like this one. Me and my friend decided to write a short story for a laugh and enter the competition. The story had to be no more than 500 words. I thought 'this will be easy' but it was not as easy as I thought. It took me a while to come up with an idea that could actually work for a 500 word story (I have to admit I got a bit carried away).  After the idea was fully in my mind, I got writing. It took me no less than an hour to write the story and I thought it was ok. Not amazing. But I thought it had a small chance of winning. My friend wrote hers and spent about 3 hours on it. I didn't think I would be the one with a winning story.

I got an email saying that my story had won and would be published in a book in a few months. They also said they needed to edit the story 'a bit' to make it 'top notch'. A publisher then contacted me and helped me edit my story. The publisher told me what I needed to do to my story to improve it and I went away and did these things. This process happened about three times. After my story was finally to the best it could be, I submitted it again with my short biography which would also be in the book.

And that was that. I then had to wait two months to hear anything about this book again. A few days ago, the book was published and it turns out that if the winners want to see their story in the book, they have to pay for it... ten pounds to be precise. Ten pounds?! Ok... perhaps this was a bit of a scam to get some money? My parents insisted on buying the book however and well... despite the cost being... quite large, I felt some achievement from being in this book... I liked the fact that other people would look through the book and actually read my story. So here I am, a published author, actually feeling rather pleased with myself. I am published in an actual book. Sorry but I just wasn't really expecting to win. I only entered for a bit of a laugh.

The other day I went into school and showed my friends the book. After some laughs about the fact my story was on page 69, they read it and I think they were slightly impressed. I got told off in a lesson because I was still looking at my story... and then the teacher realized that I was chewing gum and I had to do the 'walk of shame' to the bin. My friends were laughing their heads off.

So that's my post about how I am now a published author in what seems like a legitimate book. Perhaps I will enter some more competitions for a laugh and see where it takes me... and maybe you could give it a go... you never know.

Write again soon,

Saturday, 7 November 2015

To the future

To the future, 
Where the hell do I go from now? 
What do I do to achieve? 
What paths should I make? 
What mistakes should I avoid? 
How should I act? 
How should I feel? 

Tell me future me how I am! Tell me how I feel! Am I happy? Successful? Living a dream? Oh future please tell me!

Am I rich? Am I in love? Do I have a thousand friends? Oh future me, please reply! 

Future me, if you are reading this please respond! What should I do in life?! 

Future me, if you are reading this now I hope you are laughing with happiness rather than crying tears of regret.

Hiya everyone. That was a bit of a poem or short written work of mine. Hope you enjoyed it and that it made you think. I have really been thinking about my future recently and I ask myself what paths I should do down. All the decisions I could make, all the different paths I could go down, all the people I could be in the future. It's a lot to think about and over the next few years or even months I will have to make some big decisions about my future especially in terms of school and careers. You may feel like me- that you want to know what to do to succeed in the future. I think you and I should just do what makes us happy and what we think the best thing is. 

Writing again soon,