Saturday, 15 August 2015

First actual post!- Change.

EJ's back... back again...EJ's back... tell a friend...

Yes! I am back! I left the blog before I even got started didn't I? Well, I apologize for that rubbish start... I am now willing to get blogging again. SO! LETS GET BLOOGGGIIING!!

First actual post!

The other day I bumped into an old friend in the high street. It was pretty awkward actually because we hadn't seen each other for THREE WHOLE YEARS. I was in a group of four in middle school- we were all best buds and this girl I bumped into was one of the group of four. Another member of the old group I still see (we meet up quite frequently actually) and the other girl...well... lets just say she's changed.

So, me and my old buddy, (who I hadn't seen in 3 years), started to speak about how we were doing at school and stuff and if we had seen any of the others in the old group and we spoke about how much the group member has changed... She has changed A LOT. It's scary how much someone can change. One minute she was the sweet, kind girl working hard in class... The next she's all about boys and boobs and has a modelling job with some agency.

It seems the old friend I bumped into hasn't changed much. They haven't actually changed at all. They are still the funny, kind, cheerful person I sat next to in registration. So it seems like three of us out of the old group haven't changed in 3 years. The other group member who I still see and meet up with is still the same lovely person and they haven't really grown in 3 years either.

I don't think I have changed. Well... I definitely think I am less childish now... I've stopped running around the school corridors shouting 'BOGIES!'. That's for sure. But I still have the odd childish moment...

But yeah, it is scary how someone can change SO MUCH and it's quite funny to think that I haven't really changed and that the other two haven't really changed... Old group member 4 has gone out ahead of me and the other two old members. Were still stuck in the same old place while she's crossed the finish line and turned into someone different. She's actually way out of our league now. Me and the other two are happy with a nice group of friends while Group member 4 has gone and got herself tonnes of friends... and most probably had tonnes of boyfriends. I wouldn't like that though. It just seems too fake. I doubt most of her friends are actually 'real' friends.

I'm happy with how I am. I'm actually glad I haven't changed much. I liked the same person I was 3 years ago and I'm glad I haven't gone off into a different person like group member 4 has.

Anyway. See you soon peeps, I'm getting the hang of this blogging thing!



  1. I recently had the same kind of experience, my friends said I hadn't changed at all but they had all changed a lot. :p

  2. The same thing happened with me too. It does not even take years but a few days for a friend to turn completely opposite. It happens...people drift apart but the main thing is we should learn from it and grow day by day in a good way :)


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